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Utah Mixed Epic

Fall 2020. The Utah Mixed Epic. A self-supported adventure through the heart of Utah's alpine and high desert regions. 

The Route

1,000 miles with a fairly even mix of pavement and dirt. Some bike paths, and a small amount of single track. Expect around 75,000 feet of climbing with the average elevation hovering around 7,000 ft. 

The route will begin in the heart of Salt Lake City and work its way through several prominent mountain ranges, national forests and picturesque landscapes, ending in St. George, Utah.

The course will navigate through small towns with limited services and temperatures in September can range from 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is definitely a challenging course, with remote stretches, in a fairly unforgiving environment. 

Logistics, Dates & Fees

The grand depart is scheduled for Friday, September 4th, 2020 at 6:00 am MST. 

Hotels, restaurants and other accommodations will be plentiful and easy to find. Salt Lake City is a large city with plenty to do, and is very bike friendly. St. George has a regional airport, and also has shuttle van options back to Salt Lake City if needed. Las Vegas is only a few hour car ride away as well. 

There will be no fee to participate. It is a public route, open to the public at any time. Expect the normal fees to connect your tracker to online services. 


There is no perfect bike for this course. Riders will have to make compromises depending on what is most important to them.  Riders will experience stretches of pavement where aerodynamics and low rolling resistance will win the day. However the dirt sections of this route will be varied in smoothness and grade. There will be sections of rougher dirt roads where handling, comfort and good braking will be crucial. A very capable gravel bike or possibly a rigid 29er. If you want some squish, go for it but we don't think it's necessary. Our guidance is at a minimum a 38c tire setup tubeless with hydraulic disc brakes.  Utah climbs can be also be steep and long (and at elevation), so choose your gearing wisely.


These rules attempt to embody the spirit of self-support and fairness for all riders.

  • Ride the full route under your own power

  • Any deviation from the route not due to road or trail closures will exclude a rider from the final results.. No exceptions. Navigation is part of the challenge.

  • Riders are responsible to assess and report time penalties for violations to the rules on course. 

  • You can go off course to resupply or for emergency reasons (ie: mechanical or medical). Riders must return to the exact point of departure from the route to restart their ride and pick up the route.

  • Online GPS tracking (trackers) will be used to aggregate ride information and dictate placement. It is not intended to ensure rider safety. The Utah Mixed Epic uses these devices for info-only, and validation of course compliance. Trackers shall remain on and active from start to finish. Turning it off could be seen as a way of hiding behavior inconsistent with the rules. If a tracker is not working properly or batteries go dead and you do not notice  for a time, it is up to the rider to prove their location; through social media, photos of yourself on route, and keeping your tracking files if needed.​​

  • No drafting. 

  • Services that aren’t commercially available to all riders are prohibited

  • There are no team cars, there is NO SAG.

  • You are responsible for finding food, water, lodging, bike services and anything else you may need along the way. Any service utilized must be available to all. NO private resupply - NO private lodging.

  • Friends and family may visit to offer encouragement but they must not offer any material support of any kind. You are responsible for maintaining communication with them as well.

  • Arrangements or booking of lodging before the ride begins is strictly prohibited​

  • Ride to protect yourself and the ethos of unsupported events.

  • Do not bring this ride, or unsupported bikepacking events, into disrepute. This jeopardizes these types of events. Follow the rules of the road. 

  • Protecting yourself means being safe at all times and using the safety requirements below to their full capacity. It means not violating the laws of the road and engaging with other vehicles in a proper, kind manner. Remember, this is on an open route on public roads. 

Bike safety requirements

There will be an inspection of  bike and safety requirements prior to the Grand Depart. Riders will not be allowed to participate in online tracking and overall standings if these requirements are not met.


On Person

  • Helmet

  • A reflective upper-body garment must be carried and must be worn at times of low (light) visibility.


On Bike

  • Sufficient lights to ride safely at night. At a minimum, rider must have two (2) front headlamps and two (2) rear lights, affixed to bicycle at all times. 

  • Properly working and high functioning brakes. 

  • Reflective tape installed (at a minimum) in the following areas:

    • Both sides of rear seat stays

    • Each side of fork

    • Activated and connected tracking device.  See Registration


More Information & Registration


​​Email Nextgearadventurecycling@gmail.com with any questions you may have. 

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